When you ask for it, sometimes you get it…


I’m not certain that a spiritual being exists nor am I certain it does not. I just know that sometimes when I say I put desires ‘out to the universe’, I sometimes get what I asked for. Sometimes, I don’t realize I asked for something specifically, but then, I begin to ponder my thoughts over the course of the days/weeks preceding a big event and that’s when I get a little creeped out.

Recently, I was reorganized out of a job (see last post) and my initial reaction was shock and anger. Now, more recently, I am giddy with excitement. During my unhappiness over the course of the last several months, I spoke clearly, and out loud, with one of my best friends and long-time business mentor about jumping back ‘out there’ in the business world full-time. She’s always been my greatest advocate and I treasure her beyond words!

She is always patient, yet she knows how to motivate me. All she has to do is let me know about a new software tool and I’m uber excited.

Anyway, the “universe” (spiritual being) may or may not exist, but I certainly ‘asked’ to get reorganized and I also ‘asked’ for great, new clients to restart my business full-time after a 2-1/2 to 3-year hiatus. I’m revitalized and I couldn’t be more excited about the clients coming my way (almost too many) and leaving my gray, dull cubicle behind. I already stripped my cube of everything except a lamp and two plants. I’ll bring one plant home this week and the other next week. So, when my final day comes, I will just have my lamp.

I’m excited about the future that lays before me and I’m excited to be writing again. It feels like I’ve been in a deep, long sleep and now, I’m rested and ready to live full out.

I sure hope the universe is listening because I’m ready!



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