Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Newsletter - Ezine - Email

Lead generation begins with email marketing, which can be in the form of an ezine, newsletter or email campaign. The concept is all the same.


Email marketing begins with a contact form on your website then a plan to deliver an ezine/newsletter on a consistent basis to those contacts.

ezines and newsletters are a great way to connect with your target audience on a consistent basis. It doesn’t have to be a difficult task even for clients who are not big on writing their own content. We have some low-cost tricks up our sleeve to help with content. In fact, we can create¬†12 (or more) editions of your ezine/newsletter in less than a month, schedule them and move on to the next project.

Template design

  • Create header/masthead to match current branding of website and other collateral (as closely as possible)
  • Design ezine template, then render in HTML
  • Create additional buttons/graphics


  • Monthly, bi-monthly and weekly ezine formatting and broadcasting services
  • Use existing template or our customized template services
  • Upload database (in compliance with the CAN Spam Act of 2003)
  • Format, edit, proofread, spellcheck and spam check content
  • Use existing ezine delivery method or set up

ISSN application

  • Fill out and file ISSN for electronic publications (similar to ISBN for book publications)
  • Confirm receipt of application
  • Follow up and confirm approved application
  • Add to subscription box in each ezine edition

We follow industry standards when designing and delivering ezine/newsletters and have an internal checklist of design and delivery options with the most popular software.

Software we use

  • 1Shopping cart
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • MailChimp

Let us know if you have questions about your project. We’d be happy to chat with you and discover how we can help you. If you’re ready to get started, you can fill out our Client Intake form and we’ll book a discovery session with you right away.