January 1st seems to always conjur up the images of new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean slate and more for me. I reflect upon the past year and wonder how it all passed me by so fast.

This year, like all years in the past, I have decided NOT to make a New Year’s Resolution. Instead, I write down all the things I want to accomplish this year whether it’s getting my new key fob programmed at the dealership or forging ahead with new business plans and everything in between. 

One thing that I want to do more of is to be connected. I want to be more connected to myself and the people I want in my life. I want to connect to my body and attain better health, greater energy and vitality. I want to connect with my loved ones and those I just never seem to find time to see. I think I’d like to invent a 30-hour day so I can cram more into it. After all, this is the only life we have. I want to live it to the fullest.

So, my clean slate begins…

Yesterday, I decided to clean my kitchen, re-organize all of my cupboards. Today, I cleaned off all the counters, the stove and polished all of my wooden tables with lavendar oil. The house smells so fresh and clean.

Cleaning one thing seems to beget cleaning other areas of my life. I want to clean out my garage, shred years worth of the past that are no longer needed. I started my eBay seller and Amazon seller accounts today so the items I no longer need will go to someone who wants/needs them and I can make a little money back from my initial purchases. I’ve also posted several items on my Facebook profile to sell items that I’d rather not sell online.

Speaking of cleaning and getting rid of things no longer needed. I was ‘reorganized’ out of a job recently. My initial reaction was of hurt and anger. Now, I’m just determined not to have to go back to work for ‘the man.’ I want to work in my business again full-time. So, if that means I need to supplement my income by selling things online, it all fits in with my Online/Digital Marketing business, then that’s what I must do.

I am happy. I’m not quite where I envision myself on January 1, 2015, but every day is a new beginning.


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