About Our Clients

About Our Clients

Michelle Ulrich, President at Virtual Business Marketing (VBM), is passionate about helping clients be seen, be heard and be remembered.  At VBM, we offer small to medium-sized businesses a variety of digital marketing solutions to help them reach their clients in both local and global markets.

Michelle Ulrich | Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant

Michelle Ulrich | Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant
Presenting at the National Association of Business Education in San Diego, CA


Here’s what some of our clients have said…

“As a former executive with a Fortune 100 company, I fully realize the importance and value an effective assistant can add to my own success. Today, I find that exceptional value in Michelle Ulrich as a priceless resource for me and my business.” 

~Lorraine Rinker, Principal Career Strategist


“I strongly recommend Michelle as an Internet Marketing Strategist. Michelle came to my aid when I was under a deadline and my then assistant was unable to help me due to a sudden illness. Michelle rolled up her sleeves, took on the task of managing my new ezine, worked with my designer and web host, and was able to meet my deadline, share her knowledge with me and produce a very professional product. I love the valuable input and guidance she gives to me based on her breadth of experience and knowledge. Not only is Michelle a very professional and knowledgeable individual, she is also a great deal of fun to work with. This is a plus! Michelle, thank you, professionally and personally for truly wanting to help me make my company a success.”

~Pat Obuchowski, MBA, CPCC, ACC inVisionaria, CEO

“It is wonderful to work with you. You make life a lot easier. I look forward to handing off some additional tasks to you. Thanks for everything.”

“I really appreciate your support. You practice the skills I teach. It’s nice to see it in action.”

~Rick Cooper, MBA


“I had the supreme pleasure of working with Michelle Ulrich on several projects and was consistently impressed with her knowledgeable and thorough understanding of her clients’ needs. Michelle’s areas of expertise are vast, and she has a tremendous team of professionals who support her at every turn. Her work product is phenomenal. She also heads up The Virtual Nation and mentors to her peers with great generosity and confidence. Finally, Michelle has tremendous marketing and website expertise.”

~Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Writer


Businesses and industries we’ve worked with:

  • Artists & Musicians
  • Authors
  • Automotive Industry
  • Beauty & Image Consultants
  • Book Stores
  • Car Club (Sport Cars)
  • Coaches (Business & Life)
  • Construction/Contractors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Food Industry
  • Healthcare (VSP & Sutter Health)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Internet Marketers
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Non-Profits
  • Real Estate & Mortgage
  • Speakers
  • Technology (Network, Software & IT)
  • Woodworking Craftsman