How We Work

Building a business is a lot like building a sandcastle.

First, you have to have an idea of what you want your sandcastle to look like.

Next, you need sand, of course, but not just any sand, you need wet sand.

Then, you need tools to help you create the foundation.

Once the foundation is built, you can start building the bottom layers and on up to the tower.

After everything is almost done, you need to fine tune it to make it all your own.

Finally, in order to keep the integrity of the sandcastle, you’ll need to put in a little effort consistently.

Building a Business is like building a sandcastle

Building a business is like building a sandcastle. Photo credit goes to Michelle Ulrich – taken at Pismo Beach. Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved.


We work with clients much in the same way one would build a sandcastle.

We simply help our clients turn their ideas into actionable steps. Clients can choose from customizable, tailored packages or hourly consulting and training.

For client projects, our typical process is to:

  • Meet in person or by phone
  • Discuss goals, expectations and outcomes
  • Send a questionnaire to gain further clarity
  • Put together a proposal based on our discussion
  • Obtain a signed contract
  • Phase I is typically comprised of creating a ‘Roadmap’ to line out the overall plan
  • Phase II is where we implement the roadmap and overall plan as well as maintain that plan and adjust or fine-tune as necessary
  • Plus, we like to monitor our results based on the clients goals and expectations

About our Clients

To learn more about how we work with clients, what they’ve said about our work and more, follow this link.

All new and prospective clients must fill out an intake form so that we can gain more information about your business, what you love about your business as well as the challenges you face. Please take your time when filling out the form as this is our ‘window’ into how we can help you best.