When an Entrepreneur Moves

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When an Entrepreneur Moves

What happens when an entrepreneur moves? As a solo entrepreneur, there are many things that can impact our business.

  • Moving
  • Divorce (or relationships that end)
  • Death
  • Depression

Basically, life itself, without warning, can sideswipe us and cause us to lose momentum or even passion for our business.

Recently, I ended a relationship, my best friend dumped me, my uncle died and I also moved across town. None of these life impacting events are easy to deal with alone, but combined, could certainly derail anyone. Instead, I chose to focus on the bare minimum (client projects and my personal life) for a week after the move. Thank goodness my mother is with me; she has been extremely supportive.

Here are a few things that have helped me during all of these recent transitions:

  • Getting enough sleep (I need about 9 hours of sleep per day)
  • Making a to-do list of things to accomplish each day
  • Not beating myself up if I don’t get everything done
  • Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
  • Taking naps when I feel tired instead of pushing myself beyond exhaustion
  • Getting out of the house to meet up with a friend, run a few errands, etc.

I love what I do as a digital marketing consultant and when I’m in my ‘groove’, I give 100%. I’m fine-tuning my business during this transition period and have had some great ideas that I think will be super helpful to my clients. Sometimes, physically moving, purging old things, organizing and making physical space can also help us create mental space, too. My body is certainly sore from all the physical activities of moving a 5-bedroom house and trying to make it fit into a 3-bedroom house, yet, I feel energized!

So, while moving is very taxing physically, I’ve been able to take a bit of a digital detox. New ideas are starting to percolate to the surface of my mind. I’m excited about my clients, new referrals and reconnecting with people that motivate me.

What moves you?

With gratitude,


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