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My Top 30 Favorite iPhone Apps

I recently upgraded from the iPhone 4 (I know…I’m a tech girl, but apparently, I was a late bloomer with the iPhones). Anyway, I now have the iPhone 6 and LOVE it! I am going to share my top 30 favorite iPhone apps with you.

1. Pandora (love my music, especially when I need inspiration)
2. Shazam (for those ‘brain freeze’ moments)
3. Sunrise (for all of my Google calendaring needs)
4. Gmail (it’s an app, too, and I LOVE it much better than the iPhone mail system)
5 & 6. Dropbox and Google Drive (for storage and easy to find docs)
7. TeamworkPM (for project management on the go)
8. Popplet (I mentioned this one a few days ago)
9. Peak (for keeping my mind active and when I have those creative slumps)
10. Facebook (of course)
11. Twitter (another…of course)
12. Pinterest (for my pin binges late at night)
13. Nextdoor (my online neighborhood watch)
14. Meetup (for things to do)
15. Google+ (because everyone tells me I should have it)
16. Swarm (because it’s just fun to check in)
17. Skype (to keep up with my team while on the go)
18. Messenger (to keep up with my peeps while on the go)
19. Hangouts (still trying to figure this one out, but looks like it could be interesting)
20. Word (so I can compose a doc on the go and grab it later to edit on my laptop)
21. Adobe Shape (because taking photos of cool textures and then editing in Illustrator is JUST SO COOL!!)
22. eBay (because I sell a ton of stuff on there, plus I can do my Xmas shopping on the go)
23. Mint (for budgeting and keeping track of my money)
24. Freshbooks (for invoicing clients on the go)
25. Credit Karma (for keeping track of my credit anywhere I go)
26. RoboForm (for all of my passwords)
27. PeriodTracker (yep, I’m a girl and this helps!)
28. Google Maps (because Apple Maps still isn’t better)
29. iBooks (in case I get stuck at DMV, I can do a little reading)
30. Instagram (because it’s fun)

I hope you all enjoy my favorite apps. I’d love to hear from you and try out some of your favorite apps. Please comment below.

With gratitude,

Michelle Ulrich

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