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How To Attract Large Audiences

Do you ever wonder how people attract large audiences to their teleseminars and webinars? What’s the trick to getting a lot of people to show up?

First, you have to have some basic components setup. For instance, are your topics in demand? Is everyone talking about your subject matter and is it found everywhere? If so, what’s different about your teleseminar / webinar that makes it so special and entices people to listen to you versus your fellow speaker?

  1. Old topic? Create a twist on an old topic to spark new interest.
  2. Boring topic? Add a dash of zest and intrigue to your titles. (Instead of “10 surefire ways to generate new business”, try, “How to get clients to trample over each other to work with you!”
  3. No registrants? Start promoting your teleseminar/webinar everywhere you go (online and offline). Most social network groups offer several areas to post information (blog, calendar, classified, groups, etc.)
  4. Still need more help? Ask colleagues to do a joint venture with you. You promote their programs and in return, they’ll support yours.
  5. Are you afraid to host your teleseminar/webinar alone? Ask family and friends to show up to support you. They might even learn something.
  6. Do you talk super fast? If so, practice slowing down and reintroduce your topic a few times during the teleseminar for those stragglers that might have missed your intro. Radio announcers do this all the time. It’s a way to check in and slow down. You can also ask questions of your audience, too.
  7. Do you sound like Ferris Beuler’s droning teacher? Add some animation to your voice. It may sound silly at first, but get theatrical and add some fun.
  8. Do you hear crickets when you ask a question? Get your audience involved by asking questions, offer a prize for the person who answers first or find other creative ways to get your audience to interact.
  9. Did your conference line bomb? Go with the flow and certainly DON’T freak out. Calmly let your audience know you are frustrated, too. Reschedule the teleseminar for a later date as a repeat. Eager participants will come back and new ones will be happy they have a new opportunity.
  10. Are you afraid to ‘sell’ in your closing? If you give yourself about a minute or two at the end to invite your audience to take a look at a new product or service and provide you with feedback, this is considered a soft sell. You are basically asking them, like you would a friend, if they’ll help you.
  11. Lastly, don’t forget to upsell your next teleseminar / webinar, provide any announcements about your products, services or achievements. Remember, you are an expert in the eyes of your audience, act like one (even if you have to fake it!)

Getting people to attend your teleseminar can be challenging. If you follow a few simple steps, you’ll see participants start signing up within the first week of your promotional efforts.

  • Start early! 4-6 weeks in advance of your teleseminar / webinar is ideal.
  • Post on sites like Craigslist and Planet Teleclass.
  • Post on other sites like Full Calendar where you’ll pay a fee for them to promote your event for you
  • Post in social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and more (be sure to follow their rules about format and placement)
  • Post in ‘old school’ yahoo groups that share your target market (again, be sure to follow the group’s rules on frequency of posts, format, and etc.)

Here’s to your success and we hope you tune in to the Socialicious News next time.

With gratitude,
Michelle Ulrich


About the Author: Michelle Ulrich is the President of Virtual Business Marketing specializing as a Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant. Her passion is to help small business owners be seen, be heard and be remembered. She is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Social Marketing Rx, your prescription for marketing success and best practices. In addition, Michelle is also a HootSuite Ambassador for the North American Region. For more information about the author, please visit:

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