Virtual Business Marketing – Who are we and what do we do?

Who are we?

Virtual Business Marketing, VBM, is a Digital Marketing and Communications company that helps established small and medium-sized businesses navigate the complicated landscape of the 21st Century.

We’re not your typical marketing agency. We’re a bit techy, a bit geeky and a bit zen. A good friend recently posted this on my Twitter feed, “For a great combo of zen, self-exploration, and #socialmedia smarts,¬†follow @michelleulrich.”

The longer I thought about it, the more I thought, YES, that is me! I’m an explorer, innovator, thinker and a self-professed geek girl. Technology really excites me and when it’s mixed with digital marketing, my heart rate increases, my eyes light up and I can talk about various marketing strategies and techniques for hours. I also love spending time exploring new ways to make improvements on existing ideas. I do all of this with my own zen twist.

What is Zen anyway?

Being Zen

There are many ways to describe ‘zen’. Derek Lin has described it in a few ways that speak to me.

  • Zen means being aware of your oneness with the world and everything in it.
  • Zen means living in the present and experiencing reality fully.

He goes on to say that Zen is also a paradox. “It is nothing and yet, it is everything.” It’s kind of like the glass is half full, yet it is half empty at the same time. The geek girl in me would go on to say that the glass is always full…it has air in it, which fills the void of the water when the water is gone. It’s all about the way you¬†perceive it.

Another friend called me, “a beautiful contradiction” a few years ago. It’s actually very zen and I think I live up to this compliment in both my personal and professional lives very well.

Ultimately, being zen is about coming face-to-face with yourself, in a very direct and intimate way.

How do you bring Zen + Digital Marketing together?



Actually bringing the two together are the epitome of being zen when you think about it. They are the opposite of one another.

  • Digital marketing is complicated, being zen is simple.
  • Being zen allows one to unplug from all the noise we create with digital marketing and yet, focus on the present.

What do we do?

VBM brings a simplicity to the complex world of digital marketing. We’re known for taking complex concepts and breaking them down into easy to understand, easy to implement steps.

We offer one-to-one consultations to help you brainstorm an idea all the way to creating simple systems for you to follow in your business as well as consulting or training your team and much more.

If you think you’re ready to let go, get a little zen and work with a team that will help simplify your business as well as help you grow, then I encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out our client intake form and let’s see if we’re a fit!